Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram Welcomes You

Welcome to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, a vibrant and thriving community that invites you with open arms. Nestled in the heart of Gurugram, this upcoming residential project offers a perfect blend of modern living and natural surroundings. As you step into our neighborhood, you will be greeted by lush green landscapes and well-maintained gardens that create a serene and peaceful ambiance.

Our prime location ensures easy access to major highways, commercial hubs, schools, hospitals, and other essential amenities. With excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, commuting becomes hassle-free for residents. Whether you're working professionals or families looking for an ideal place to call home, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram caters to all your needs.

When it comes to infrastructure within the city itself, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch facilities. From well-paved roads to efficient drainage systems, we have invested in creating a sustainable environment for our residents. Our commitment towards providing quality services extends beyond just housing; we strive to enhance your overall lifestyle experience.

Speaking of lifestyle - at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram , there's never a dull moment! Our community boasts numerous recreational amenities designed for people of all ages. Take a dip in our sparkling swimming pool or get your heart pumping at our fully-equipped gymnasium. If relaxation is more your style, indulge yourself in some pampering at our luxurious spa.

For families with children, we offer a dedicated kids' play area where little ones can unleash their energy while staying safe under supervision. Stay fit while enjoying nature on our scenic walking path or organize social gatherings in our multipurpose hall equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.Convenience is key here at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram . We understand that daily essentials should be easily accessible; hence we have incorporated convenience stores within the premises so that you don't have to travel far for basic necessities.Lastly but not least, we have a reflexology track for those seeking holistic wellness and relaxation.

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Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram : Why Choose Us

At Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, we understand that choosing the perfect home is a big decision. That's why we strive to provide you with a living experience that surpasses your expectations.Why choose us? Well, let's start with our impeccable infrastructure within the city. Located in one of the most sought-after areas of Gurugram, our apartments offer easy access to key amenities and transportation hubs.

When it comes to living and housing, we have thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to your every need. Our apartments are spacious, well-ventilated, and filled with natural light, creating an ambience that promotes comfort and relaxation.Demographics play a crucial role in determining the suitability of a neighborhood. With Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, you'll find a diverse community of like-minded individuals who value quality living and harmonious surroundings.

Speaking of lifestyle, our location offers a multitude of options for entertainment and recreation. From shopping malls to restaurants to parks and green spaces – there's something for everyone here. But what truly sets us apart are our top-notch amenities. Picture yourself taking a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or working up a sweat at our state-of-the-art gymnasium. Need some relaxation? Indulge in pampering sessions at our spa facility or take your kids out for some fun at the dedicated play area.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities or simply want to take leisurely strolls amidst nature, we have beautifully landscaped walking paths where you can unwind after a long day.Convenience is also important to us; hence we have included facilities like multipurpose halls for events or celebrations, convenience stores for everyday essentials,and even reflexology tracks for rejuvenation right within reach!So whether you're looking for luxurious living spaces infused with modern comforts or seeking an active lifestyle surrounded by vibrant conveniences,Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram has it all!

Infrastructure within a city

Infrastructure within a city plays a vital role in its overall development and growth. Ganga Sector 79 Gurugram understands the importance of having robust infrastructure to cater to the needs of its residents. With well-planned roads, efficient transportation systems, and reliable utilities, this thriving sector ensures that every aspect of urban living is taken care of.

The presence of reliable water supply systems guarantees uninterrupted access to clean and safe drinking water for all residents. Additionally, the city has efficient sewage disposal systems that maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram also takes pride in its well-maintained parks and green spaces. These recreational areas offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life while promoting an active lifestyle among residents.

Moreover, the city's power supply infrastructure ensures round-the-clock electricity to meet the needs of its growing population. This allows residents to enjoy uninterrupted power supply for their homes and businesses.Furthermore, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is equipped with advanced technology infrastructure including high-speed internet connectivity. This enables residents to stay connected with the world at all times.

the infrastructure within Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is designed with utmost precision to cater to the needs of its residents. Whether it's road networks or basic utilities like water supply and electricity, this city offers seamless services that contribute towards enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants.

Living and Housing

Living and Housing in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers a plethora of options to suit every individual's needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a spacious apartment or a cozy studio, there is something for everyone here.

The housing options in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram range from luxurious high-rise apartments to independent houses. These residences are meticulously designed with modern amenities and thoughtful layouts that cater to the needs of residents.

The area boasts well-planned neighborhoods, clean surroundings, and ample green spaces, making it an ideal place for families and individuals alike. The housing complexes within Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offer a secure environment with gated entrances, CCTV surveillance, and round-the-clock security staff.

Residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with easy access to essential facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and recreational areas. The well-connected road network ensures convenient commuting options to other parts of the city.

Moreover, the presence of social infrastructure like community halls, clubs, sports facilities further enhances the quality of living in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram. It provides residents with opportunities for leisure activities and promotes community engagement.

In terms of affordability, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers a range of housing options suitable for various budgets. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly apartments or premium residences with state-of-the-art amenities - there is something available for everyone's pocket size.Overall,in terms of living standards and housing choices,Gurgaon has emerged as oneofthe topchoices among homebuyers and investors a like.


Demographics play a crucial role in shaping the character and vibe of any locality. In the case of Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, it is no different. This vibrant neighborhood attracts residents from various walks of life, creating a diverse and inclusive community.

One notable aspect of the demographics in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is its mix of age groups. Here, you'll find young professionals starting their careers, families raising children, and retirees enjoying their golden years. This blend creates a harmonious environment where people can connect and learn from one another.

Moreover, the population in this area consists of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. With this diversity comes an array of languages spoken, cuisines enjoyed, and festivals celebrated. It's truly a melting pot that fosters cultural exchange and understanding.

In terms of education levels, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram boasts a highly educated population. Many residents hold advanced degrees or have pursued specialized training in their respective fields. This intellectual atmosphere contributes to a stimulating environment for growth and learning.

When it comes to income brackets, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram showcases a healthy mix of middle-class households along with some high-income earners. This balance ensures accessibility to necessary amenities while also offering opportunities for economic advancement.The demographics in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram paint a picture of diversity and inclusivity . It's an area where people from all walks come together to create a thriving community . Whether you're looking for connectivity , cultural experiences , educational opportunities or economic viability - this neighborhood has something for everyone


Lifestyle plays a significant role when choosing a place to live, and Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers an exceptional lifestyle experience. With its strategic location and thoughtful planning, this residential complex caters to the needs of modern families.

The residents of Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle. The well-designed apartments provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The surrounding greenery creates a serene environment that promotes overall well-being.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is a fully equipped gym where residents can engage in various workout routines. A refreshing swimming pool allows for leisurely swims or invigorating laps to stay fit.To unwind after a long day, residents can indulge in spa treatments within the premises. It's the perfect way to relax tired muscles and rejuvenate the mind.

For families with children, there is also a dedicated kids' play area where little ones can have endless fun under supervision while parents socialize with their neighbors.Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram also boasts spacious walking paths that encourage outdoor activities like jogging or simply enjoying nature walks amidst lush green surroundings.Furthermore, there is multipurpose hall available for hosting events or gatherings within the community itself - making it convenient for celebrations without having to leave home!

Residents can find all their daily essentials at the convenience store located within the premises - ensuring they never have to venture far for their immediate needs.Additionally, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram features reflexology tracks that offer therapeutic benefits by stimulating pressure points on feet - promoting overall wellness right at your doorstep!With such amenities designed to enhance every aspect of life, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram ensures that residents enjoy an elevated lifestyle filled with comfort and convenience.

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram Amenities

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs and desires of its residents. Whether you are looking for relaxation, fitness, or entertainment, we have got you covered. For those who love to swim, our swimming pool is the perfect spot to take a dip and cool off during hot summer days. With crystal clear water and a spacious deck area, it is an oasis for both children and adults alike.

If staying fit is important to you, our fully-equipped gym will surely impress. From cardio machines to weightlifting equipment, there is something for everyone here. Get your heart pumping and achieve your fitness goals in our state-of-the-art facility.

Indulge in some much-needed self-care at our spa. Relaxation awaits as skilled therapists provide rejuvenating treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.Families with young children will appreciate the kids' play area where little ones can run around freely and engage in fun activities designed just for them. It's a safe space where imaginations can soar.

Take a leisurely stroll along our walking path amidst lush greenery and beautifully landscaped gardens. Enjoy the fresh air while connecting with nature right within the premises of Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram. Our multipurpose hall provides an ideal venue for hosting events such as parties or social gatherings. Celebrate special occasions with family and friends without having to worry about finding an external venue.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool

One of the standout amenities at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is the luxurious swimming pool. It's not just any ordinary pool – it's a place where residents can relax, unwind, and enjoy some leisure time with family and friends.



Looking to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Look no further than the GYM at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram. Our state-of-the-art fitness facility is designed to cater to all your workout needs, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete.



Indulge in a blissful retreat at the spa in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram. Our spa offers a rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Step into our serene sanctuary, where soothing aromas and tranquil music set the stage for ultimate relaxation.

Kids’ Play Area

Kids Play Area

When it comes to choosing a place to live, families with children often prioritize the availability of amenities that cater specifically to their little ones. At Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, we understand the importance of providing a safe and engaging environment for kids to play and have fun.

Skating Rink

Walking Path

Walking Path at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This beautifully landscaped pathway offers the perfect opportunity to take a leisurely stroll or engage in an energizing jog.


Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall at Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is a versatile space designed to cater to various needs and preferences. With its spacious layout and modern amenities, it offers endless possibilities for recreation and social gatherings.

Convenience Store

Convenience Store

When you live in Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, one thing you'll never have to worry about is running out of essential items. Our community boasts a convenient on-site store that caters to all your daily needs. Whether it's groceries, toiletries, or household supplies, you can find everything under one roof.

Skating Rink

Reflexology Track

A Path to Wellness Tucked away within the serene surroundings of Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram, you'll find a hidden gem that sets it apart from other residential communities - the Reflexology Track. This unique feature offers residents an opportunity to embark on a journey towards holistic well-being.


Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers a truly exceptional living experience that combines luxurious amenities, modern infrastructure, and a vibrant community. With its prime location in Gurugram, it provides easy access to nearby railway stations and airports. The surrounding districts offer plenty of attractions and entertainment options for residents to enjoy.

Master Plan

Master Plan

Floor Plan

floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.


Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram Map & Address of our location

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is strategically located in the heart of Gurugram, making it easily accessible from all parts of the city. Our prime location offers convenience and connectivity to residents, ensuring that everything you need is just a stone's throw away.

When it comes to air travel, the nearest airport to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is [insert name], offering domestic and international flights. Whether you're jetting off for business or pleasure, living in close proximity to an airport adds another layer of convenience.

With its strategic location at the center of it all, Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram ensures that residents have easy access to essential facilities while also providing them with ample opportunities for leisure and recreation in nearby areas.

The Nearest Railway Station

The Nearest Railway Station to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is an essential aspect to consider for residents and visitors alike. Being conveniently located, it offers excellent connectivity options for easy travel within the city and beyond.

The nearest Airport

The nearest airport to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is the Indira Gandhi International Airport, located in Delhi. This airport serves as one of the busiest airports in India and offers excellent connectivity to various national and international destinations. With its modern infrastructure and world-class facilities, it provides a seamless travel experience for both domestic and international travelers.

The Closest Districts to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is strategically located in a prime location that offers easy connectivity to various districts nearby. Let's explore some of the closest districts to this vibrant and upcoming neighborhood.

One of the nearest districts to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is Manesar, which is known for its industrial development and emerging commercial hub. With its proximity to major highways and business parks, Manesar offers excellent opportunities for employment and business growth.

Another district close by is Rewari, famous for its historical significance. This district boasts attractions like the Rewari Heritage Steam Locomotive Museum, capturing the essence of vintage railway technology. It also houses several educational institutions that provide quality education options for residents.

Next up is Jhajjar, a fast-growing district with immense potential. Its strategic location on NH-10 makes it easily accessible from Gurgaon and Delhi. Jhajjar offers a mix of urban amenities and rural charm, making it an ideal place for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram Closest City or Town

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is strategically located in close proximity to several cities and towns, making it an ideal choice for residents who prefer a well-connected location. One of the closest cities to Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram is New Delhi, the capital city of India. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and bustling cosmopolitan vibe, New Delhi offers endless opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and dining.

The Schools Around Sector 84 Gurugram

Another nearby town is Faridabad, which lies in the state of Haryana. With its industrial hubs and residential areas, Faridabad provides ample opportunities for work and recreation. Residents of Ganga Sector 79 Gurugram can easily commute to Faridabad for business or leisure activities.

Another notable educational institution is ABC Public School. This school focuses on creating a conducive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and character building. The dedicated faculty members go above and beyond to provide personalized attention to each student's needs.

Ganga Group





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Million Square Feet Area

Ganga Group is a renowned name in the real estate industry, known for its exceptional projects and commitment to quality. With years of experience under their belt, Ganga Group has established themselves as one of the leading developers in Gurugram

The group prides itself on delivering world-class residential and commercial spaces that meet the needs and aspirations of modern-day buyers. Whether it's luxurious apartments or well-designed office spaces, Ganga Group ensures that every project reflects their dedication to excellence.

What sets Ganga Group apart from others is their attention to detail and customer-centric approach. They understand that buying a property is not just an investment but also a dream come true for many individuals. Therefore, they strive to create homes and workspaces that provide utmost comfort, convenience, and style.

With each project, Ganga Group aims to redefine luxury living by incorporating modern amenities, innovative designs, and sustainable practices. From swimming pools to gyms, spas to kids play areas - they leave no stone unturned in providing a holistic lifestyle experience.Moreover, Ganga Group believes in fostering strong relationships with their customers even after the sale is made. Their dedicated customer service team ensures prompt assistance for any queries or concerns raised by homeowners.

With several upcoming projects in Gurugram's prime locations like Sector 84,Ganga Group continues its legacy of creating landmarks that stand out amidst the city's skyline. Given their track record of successful deliveries, Gurgaon residents can trust this developer when it comes time for them buy next property In conclusion, Gangga Group stands tall as one of Gurugram 's most reputable real estate developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ganga Sector 84 Gurugram offers a range of apartment options, including spacious 2BHK, 3BHK, and luxurious penthouses. Each unit is meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort and functionality.
Yes, Ganga Group has several new launch and prelaunch projects in the pipeline for Gurugram. Stay tuned for exciting announcements!
Our community boasts a wide array of amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, spa facilities, kids play area, walking path, multipurpose hall, convenience store, reflexology track, and much more
The location enjoys excellent connectivity with nearby districts and cities via well-established road networks. The nearest railway station is just a short drive away while the closest airport provides easy access to domestic and international flights.
The location enjoys excellent connectivity with nearby districts and cities via well-established road networks. The nearest railway station is just a short drive away while the closest airport provides easy access to domestic and international flights.

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